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POS Activity Analysis

The most robust source of information is the Point of Sale (POS) system where product, people, process and promotion meet to transact and record your business. It takes only one mistake in setting up an item or promotion, or one dishonest associate for the POS to be the place where profits are lost. Penlight's POS Activity Analysis identifies those anomalies and exceptions, develops the solutions to remediate, and will work with you to resolve them.


Metric Development

To know where you're going you must know where you've been. Penlights Metric Development establishes the key performance indicators for your business to set the stage for growth, improvement and status.


Process, Policy Review

A missing link in process or policy can be the gateway through which profits and customer experience are negatively impacted. Penlights Process and Policy Review identifies those missing pieces and develops process improvements and policy enhancements.


Credit Card Analysis

Penlight's Credit Card Analysis looks at the full credit card journey to provide insights on hidden fee expenses, chargebacks, POS handling, surcharge regulation and customer impacting events such as double charges or disputable amount differences.


Cash Handling Control

You work hard to get customers in the door and generate sales. Penlight's Cash Handling Control establishes practices which ensure those sales then make it into your bank account and creates an environment in which missing cash is quickly recognized.


Payroll Analysis

You have no shortage of expenses when running your business and one of the most controllable is labor. Penlight's Payroll Analysis touches on all aspects of payroll including overtime, tip outs, manual adjustments and roster validation to limit unnecessary expenses.


Theft/Fraud Investigation

Sometimes it happens, a theft or fraud is committed. Penlight's Theft and Fraud Investigation takes on the stress of this upsetting event to bring the pieces together, provide details and document data evidence, recommend disposition and assist in developing controls to prevent future occurrences of the same type.

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