Tipping Point

A series of tales about the methods used to obtain tips fraudulently and the impact to your business. While all tales in this series are based on real life events, all names, places, and other identifiers are purely fictional.

It’s all about the tips for food and bar service employees. While most states have minimum hourly wage requirements, many food service workers strive to far exceed that minimum through great service to your patrons. This drive for excellence in service has benefits for both your business and your employees as it drives repeat customer traffic while establishing your reputation for excellence, as well that high level of service increases tips and thus, the hourly wage for the employees. Wins all around.

Unfortunately, there are some bad actors who increase their tips using more nefarious methods and the offset to their gain is often your sales. No big deal you say?! Let’s explore one such method of fraudulent tip manipulation to better understand the impact.

Part I Even Steven Trading Sales for Tips

Part II Mod Squad Modification of Customer Tip Amount

Part III Using the Backdoor